And the survey says! Top 5 blog posts for 2014

And the survey says! Top 5 blog posts for 2014

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I write for you. It’s true. And these five blog posts below were the most popular ones in 2014, as my Google Analytics showed. Another tidbit of info for you, I’m almost at 500 blog posts. Wow…

Some of these are a bit surprising and some are not. Enjoy if you haven’t read them yet and you can always let me know which one is your personal favourite!

In no particular order:

In this one, I was explaining my new habit of putting butter and coconut oil in my coffee in the morning and then blending. It’s only been a few months but I’m still doing it…

If you haven’t tried it, I would suggest it. It’s nutritious (especially for the brain) and delicious!

This was setting up the trip I was taking the following week to build a school in Nicaragua with SchoolBOX. It was a trip almost four years in the making and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my year.

This was the week I learned about the passing of a good friend. Writing the entry helped me deal with the loss. That piece of news is something that still affects me to this day. Count your blessings…

This was a continuation of the last post and it still reminds me that adversity is part of life and that’s okay.

Most of the “races” I did this year was for charity or for fun. It’s funny to see how the focus has changes from my late 20’s. Who know what 2015 will hold in that regard…
This is one of the races I plan on doing every year. Will you join me?

Also, the #31in31 challenge starts again tomorrow. Anyone else excited?

It’s pretty simple, just try to get out and run everyday in January. Here are all the details for those who missed them!

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