Ain’t no foolin around in April! (And I need your help…)

Ain’t no foolin around in April! (And I need your help…)

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What a weird world we’re in these days. And unless you live under a rock, there’s no escaping it!

I’ve been slacking . Maybe it’s a or maybe it’s the usual pre-spring blahs. Any way, I need your help to kick up the motivation and get me back on the right track after some much-needed distractions for part of this month…

I’d like to great a bit of a tribe to keep us honest and accountable. And also to make sure we stay isolated physically but not mentally. I have no programs or products to sell, just some new habits to train (and maybe some pounds to shed)!

Maybe a weekly Skype call or WhatsApp chat? Facebook or text check in? Who’s with me?

Here are my goals for April (no need to share yours but you’re more than welcome):

  1. Be very religious on my 18:6 intermittent fasting schedule: I use this app called Zero that’s free and so easy to use. And the social proof concepts and gamification they use really help. I’m also going to go carnivore for the month.
  2. Get outside for at least an hour a day: I think this is crucial when we’re supposed to stay indoors for the bulk of our days. It really helps that my dog won’t let me go many hours in between walks…
  3. Limit my alcohol intake: Let’s just say it hasn’t been a great 10 days for alcohol consumption. I plan on limiting my alcohol intake to the equivalent of a wine bottle (4 drinks) per week.
  4. 20 minutes of reading per day: My default has been comedy specials for the past 2 weeks (and maybe much more) but I need to expand my horizons a bit. I’m also going to download some new podcasts to keep my mind occupied outside of work. Any suggestions?
  5. Connect with a friend every day: I’m going to reach out (more than a text/email) to family and friends to stay connected and sane in these crazy times. This is way overdue anyway!

I made my goals easy to track and also realistic. I find that’s key for me since grey stuff usually doesn’t work with me.

So who’s in? Reply to this post and or drop me an email ([email protected]) and let’s get April started (and ended) on a great and healthy note!

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