Adventure report: Long fat fasted snowshoe at Green’s Creek

Adventure report: Long fat fasted snowshoe at Green’s Creek

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Sunday was another beautiful winter day in the Capital. It was a bit chilly in the morning so I delayed my long snowshoe until the afternoon. I was planning on doing a long run but this was too nice to pass up, and probably a better cardio workout overall.

I headed out to one of the NCC parking lots at Green’s Creek. For those who haven’t been, it’s probably one of the best spots in the city to snowshoe with the varied terrain. A big breakfast of Bulletproof coffee and some extra dark chocolate squares and I was off!

It was so nice to make fresh tracks along the hills and flat lands on a sunny day. I actually did a rookie move and overdressed. I opened vents on the big jacket and took off my gloves for most of the time after I got warmed up.

I found a bunch of animal tracks but unfortunately did not see much wildlife. The noise I was making in an utterly quiet part of the green space probably didn’t help. I did cross the creek a few times and almost fell in once or twice. Good thing the new winter boots are waterproof!

For the most part I was trying to control my breathing (through my nose) but sometimes it’s hard when you’re going up hills in snowshoes for close to 90 minutes. I did 80 floors according to my FitBit. Only took a wipeout or two and now looking forward to having more snow base so when you fall it doesn’t hurt as much.

Oh the sites you’ll see…

The cool thing about snowshoeing is the freedom it affords you. It’s almost like going back to being a kid with a bike, where the world is your oyster. Quite magical.

I did another shorter outing on Saturday but it was flatter and slower. Regardless, always nice to get out and get some fresh air while catching some rays!

If you haven’t been out on snowshoes, I’d highly recommend it. Low-impact and so much fun. And like I saw on Sunday, you get very sweaty in a short period of time…


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