5 tips to boost your immune system and stay healthy this holiday season; #TweetUp roundup!

5 tips to boost your immune system and stay healthy this holiday season; #TweetUp roundup!

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We had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Ellen Simone last night at the latest installment of the Health & Fitness TweetUp, hosted by yours truly.

It was something pretty timely as we’re all ramping up for another busy holiday season. See below for Dr. Simone’s five tips to boost your immune system and stay healthy this month amidst all the craziness:

  1. Eat the rainbow! Incorporating different colours of fruits and vegetables into your diet will ensure you are getting adequate amounts of vitamins A, E and C which are essential for immune system health.
  2. Create a consistent sleep routine: Sleeping about 6-8 hours a night on a regular basis is important. Too little sleep or poor quality sleep will depress your immune system.
  3. Spice up your meals with herbs: Garlic, onion, thyme and oregano add flavour to your favourite dishes and also kills bacteria and viruses.
  4. Take some time to relax: Put aside at least 15 minutes per day to do something you love like reading, listening to music or taking a bath. High stress levels depress your immune system.
  5. Exercise is the best medicine: Aim for 30 minutes of physical activity, 5 times per week to maintain an optimal immune system, manage stress and prevent chronic disease.
It was great to hear from Dr. Simone. She is a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and works at the Alta Vista Chiropractic and Massage Clinic and at the Somerset Health and Wellness Centre. She believes setting healthy habits at a young age is important for long-term health and wellness.
It’s also nice to see a bunch of like-minded folks, whether they are new or old friends. Stay tuned for the next one in the new year, most likely the first week of February 2014!

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