What beats running in the rain?

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Answer: Actually enjoying running in the rain!

I got weird looks and people questioning my sanity when I told them I was really looking forward to my run yesterday. It was raining outside. Actually, it was more of a mist. And it ‘s still warm for October so I was hoping for some heavy rain to cool me down.

I know there are a lot of fair weather runners out there but I find running in different conditions makes it fun and exciting. The rain is probably the best though as it keeps you cool throughout the entire run. It’s even better when you’re doing your long run in the rain.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running on the beach in perfect weather in winter months but I also love running on the canal in February when there are only a few of us out there since it’s -20. It makes me feel hardcore!

Not much beats a nice long run, a nice hot breakfast and then an afternoon of NFL football. Especially if snow fell when you were running. A slice of Canadiana!

There are a few exceptions for even the hardcore runners. Running in humidity and 40 degree weather is usually a no-no and the same with freezing rain. But recently I’ve looked at those as opportunities to master the elements, although I try to be smart when I get out there.

What are your favourite conditions to run in? Least favourite?

An interesting article on Natalie Duhamel’s blog about barefoot running. I like that it provides some cautionary words but I still think most people would be better off with less of a shoe and no orthotics, although it better be done slowly and gradually!

7 Responses to What beats running in the rain?

  1. forefoot says:

    I look forward to a race on a heavy rain. :) I find it hard to run on very humid days.

  2. Lara C W says:

    I love summer long runs in the rain – even ran 16K training in a downpour doing the same loop through my neighborhood rather than on the trails so that I’d be close to my house at the first sign of thunder and subsequent lightening. The route may have been boring but the rain made it interesting. :) personally though a lovely crisp Fall run on a cloudy day, surrounded by bursts of colour from the foulest is my favourite – I don’t do well in heat sun or humidity. I really love deep snow running in the cold of winter in my boots! :)

  3. Lara C W says:

    Oops that was supposed to read FOILAGE not foulest ;)

  4. tania says:

    Favorite: Fall morning 10 degrees no rain.
    Least favorite: Cool rain.

  5. Sanjay Rao says:

    My favorite is running in Indian monsoon rain. The weather is humid RH between 70 – 80%, between 28 and 33 degree celcius. Running in rain in these temperatures is a welcome respite in India. However the best running conditions are in winters when its between 10-15 degrees and we don’t have to depend so much on hydration as much as we do during summers and monsoon. But in summers we look forward for monsoon and running in rain.

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