Re-post: Top Ten Reasons I’m thankful!

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I’m having a great weekend with some downtime and visiting some great friends.

In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving, here’s a re-post from an entry in July about the top ten things I’m grateful. It hasn’t changed much to be honest!

  1. My health: It’s nice to be able to enjoy life everyday without constant pain. I used to take it for granted until I had my latest back “episode” a few years back when I was in Windsor
  2. My family: We’re not very big (just my Mom, my brother and I) but we’re close. We’ve been through some stuff together, we know each other inside out and somehow we still get along!
  3. My friends: I’m truly blessed to have great friends. I love that they are all different and they all love me for who I am (or so they say)!
  4. An active mind: Sometimes I curse this ability but it keeps me on my toes and it always makes me want to find out how things work and why.
  5. An open mind: My renewed outlook on life makes me look at things different and let things be for what they are. It’s taken a lot of complications away but I’m still a work in progress.
  6. ChiRunning: The technique has transformed the way I run and it has changed the way I look at a lot of things in my life. Being efficient is the name of the game.
  7. Opportunities: My mom did a good job of raising me (I’m biased!) and let me know that I can do anything I set my mind to. I’ll have more on this subject shortly, stay tuned ;)
  8. Technology: It’s not like I’m Timothy Ferriss yet but I love to be able to be mobile while still “working”. Technology can be a leash but it can also be a great tool. It’s also made me meet some cool folks!
  9. Books: In the last few years alone I’ve had my mind open to new concepts, all through books. I find reading (non-fiction for the most part) is one of the best gifts people can give themselves.
  10. Nature: If I get lonely or have something bothering me, nature always seems like a great refuge. It’s comforting and quite peaceful, I guess the same can be said about running!

Did you do your list yet? Which one speaks to you the most? Let me know, I won’t tell!

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