Guest blog: @Velofix_Ottawa with Adam Kourakis

Guest blog: @Velofix_Ottawa with Adam Kourakis

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My name is Adam Kourakis, and I’m a cyclist. I’ve spent years building up my skills and knowledge bank to become a well-rounded cyclist. I’ve ridden from Ottawa to PEI, I’m an Ironman, I coach triathlon, I’m a certified triathlon and multisport coach, I’m a year-round commuter and a group-ride organizer. A few months ago I added another cycling achievement to my list: Local Bike Shop owner.

My shop, Velofix Ottawa, is a mobile bike shop. I offer a lot of services that you’d expect a brick-and-mortar store to offer, but I come to YOU. I offer a wide range of services from basic tune up and overhauls, to flat tire repairs and custom fittings. I also have all the same products, tools and accessories that you’d expect from a bike shop; from tires and chains, to Garmin computers and cycling-specific sunglasses. On top of that, my shop has a few ‘extras’: TV, Internet, Wi-Fi, a coffee machince, espresso machine, skylights, LED lighting, a solvent bay and an air compressor. I don’t mean to brag, but the van is something you have to see to believe.

What sets Velofix Ottawa apart from other shops is the level of care that I put into my business. Velofix Ottawa is entirely carbon neutral. I plant more than enough trees every year to offset the environmental harm a business can do. I also volunteer at camps, schools, and clubs to teach young cyclists about cycling safety, helmet fitting and basic maintenance. You’ll often see the van at local events such: Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour, Lap the Gats, Somersault Events and local Markets and Festivals.

Finally, I treat every bike as if it were my own. When you get a service done by Velofix Ottawa, you’re welcomed to watch the entire operation and be a part of the process. I’m very transparent and can give you tips and tricks for future issues that might arise with your bike. I finish every service with a test ride to make sure that everything is tune the way you like it.  Cycling is a passion-based activity and I want to encourage cyclists everywhere to ride!

Happy riding!


*I had the pleasure of meeting Adam last week when he took care of my mountain bike. Although he didn’t offer me an espresso or wifi?!?

All kidding aside, his services were professional, affordable and timely. What more can you ask for? To book your next service, go to or contact Adam directly at [email protected] or at 613-857-2818. 

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  1. Adam says:

    Espresso! I knew I forgot to offer you something!

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