#FridayFindings: Some cool stuff from the worlds of running and fitness!

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Getting tired of the heat yet? Some days I do have to wait until it gets darker to go for a run if I don’t want to suffer as much. See below for some cool stuff, mostly from recent sources!

Very similar to what our good friend Luke mentioned on running shoe fitting, there was a good article this week in the New York Times.

It’s all about fit and comfort folks!

You probably heard of them if you don’t have one yet and here’s the latest fitness tracker reviews and comparison chart from PCMag. Great stuff.

I’m a big fan of the Basis band but the entire spectrum is getting better by the month!

Need a laugh this Friday? CollegeHumor.com did a pretty funny bit on If People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running.

Click on the video above.

Ironically I’m getting more and more into HIT training and an article came out this week in the Montreal Gazette about how you can adapt runs to help you using these methods.

This is what our recent book UltraMental is all about!

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