Finding serenity on a run…

Finding serenity on a run…

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Serenity is often defined as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. That sums up my runs these days!

One of my runs recently has highlighted this. I remember visiting the GTA over the holidays to see my Godsons and some good friends and them not really understanding what my #150in150 challenge is all about. That means I must run and I like to run. Crazy to some it seems.

One of the magical nights in question, I headed out for a jaunt around my friend’s neighbourhood. It was a bit warmer than we’ve been used to (think -10 instead of -20 or -30) and the air was fresh. As soon as I took a step outside, I found my peace. Quiet streets (my friend has 5 kids so not much quiet times in his home unfortunately) and light posts leading the way.

The sidewalks were so inviting with the trees covered with ice and reflecting the light like Christmas trees. I’m not wishing an ice storm to anyone since I know it provides a lot of work and no power to some. But it does provide awesome scenery to run through.

Getting in a zone happens quite easily and often these days as I head out regularly. I think about my form but also about how to tackle my current problems and how to plan my life. This is where I’m most positive and where I do my best thinking. This is becoming my favourite part of my challenge. I hope you can get there with your #31in31 challenge.

For non runners, this is hogwash. But for us runners, it’s a goal every time we head out…

Have you heard? The next Health & Fitness has been announced.

I hope to see you out at the library on Tuesday, January 21 at 7pm as I will talking about 5 great books to jumpstart 2014!

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