Does the past hold the key to our future?

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If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’re probably aware that I’ve been known to watch a wonderfully Canadian show called “Being Erica” about a young professional who does some time-traveling to work on her “regrets”. As… Read More

Guest blog post: Motivation and running by KimAngeline

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I am motivated by many of the obvious things: other running friends, watching the weight go down and talking to like minded people. Sometimes motivation comes from unexpected places, too. There is this woman I see from time to… Read More

How fast do you run?

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I get that question from time to time. I still chuckle when someone asks and the good thing is that I don’t really look fast. I’ve even been asked if I’m gonna win the race I’m about to… Read More

What are you all about? Branding 101…

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It’s looking to be another hectic week so I decided to write this on a quiet Sunday night. As you’re probably aware, I inspire myself from my day-to-day and this post is no different! I was recently part… Read More

Does the suit make the man?

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Continuing on a recent theme of appearances, it always makes me laugh how I get treated differently when I’m suited up than when I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt or some Lulu’s. When I walk into a store in… Read More

Guest blog post: What running means to me by KimAngeline

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Running has taught me more things than I could have ever imagined.  A year ago I was 40 lbs overweight, a single mom to three, and had been weaning myself slowly off antidepressants that I had been on… Read More

What do I do? Funny you should ask…

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I get that question a lot whenever I meet someone new. I’m sure you get it too. It must be that people love to label folks rather quickly. I usually say I do a lot of things. At… Read More

San Fran: Awesome all around!

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I’m writing this as I’m on the red-eye back from San Francisco (San Fran-LAX-Chicago-Ottawa). If you follow the blog, you know I was primarily there for #CrowdConf. One word: Awesome! It was a great experience all around. I had… Read More

Recap from the Solefit Orthotics’ Natural Running Seminar

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Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it was great time at the Solefit Orthotics’ Natural Running Mechanics Seminar. Held at the new Convention Centre, it had an audience of over 120 people (by my guess-timate). Solefit’s Ryan Grant and… Read More

What a weekend!

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Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I’m quite lucky these days, and this weekend was no different. It all got started by sleeping in on Saturday after a long (but productive) week. That is one of my favourite… Read More

Great weekend for running folks in Ottawa

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Folks, There are some cool events this weekend in Ottawa, especially for people who are investigating this minimalist running thing. This afternoon we have an event full of local superstars including Neil Rosenthal and Ryan Grant from SoleFit Orthotics, Francine… Read More

A good breath, is it in you?

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I attended a great session at CanFitPro Calgary on breathing in exercise last weekend. As important as breathing is in life (as in you can’t really do much if you can’t breathe), we don’t really think about it… Read More

Two steps forward, one step back?

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Is that such a bad thing? I found that you can’t simply steam ahead all the time with your foot on the gas. We are not machines! After a very busy end of the summer and start to… Read More

Getting “run” out of town…

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You gotta love technology (or the lack of skills of this user). This was supposed to go out Friday, when it was actually written. Sorry! *** One of my favourite things to do these days is to explore new… Read More

Are first impressions really that important?

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The more I think (and read) about it, the answer is yes if you ask me. You mean countless people every month unless you’re living in your Mom’s basement and you never come out. And whether you like it… Read More

What beats running in the rain?

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Answer: Actually enjoying running in the rain! I got weird looks and people questioning my sanity when I told them I was really looking forward to my run yesterday. It was raining outside. Actually, it was more of… Read More

Re-post: Top Ten Reasons I’m thankful!

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Folks, I’m having a great weekend with some downtime and visiting some great friends. In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving, here’s a re-post from an entry in July about the top ten things I’m grateful. It hasn’t changed much… Read More

Great weekend, making believers out of doubters!

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I had a great time last weekend teaching in Petawawa and Ottawa. Great people and lots of interesting stories. You really get a sense of people’s personalities after spending four hours with them. That is one of the highlights of… Read More

V-log: I can make anyone a runner!

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I’m not being boastful but see below for my latest video blog, this one’s about how I think I can make anyone out there a runner. [youtube=]   Dare to prove me wrong? That’s what I thought!

Army Run race report from Teri

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Folks, See below for a race report from Teri, a recent ChiRunning adopter: Let me start off by saying I am not what you would call a natural runner. I only started running a couple of years ago… Read More

V-log: Contest – What does ChiRunning mean to you?

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This week I’m switching it up a bit and going to the crowd (you!) to find out what ChiRunning means. [youtube=]   What does it mean to you? *** And here’s another good article by the Globe and Mail’s Nicole… Read More

Easy on the brakes!

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I was out for a nice mountain bike ride through the backwoods of Conroy Pit on a humid Saturday afternoon and I got to thinking. Shocking, I know! I realized after a while that I was applying the breaks… Read More

Is everyday a miracle or is nothing a miracle?

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Do you think the universe works for you or against you? I find how you answer that question will go a long way in determining about how happy you are in your day-to-day! I was out for a… Read More

V-log: How to start running the ChiRunning way…

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This week in my video blog, I give people a few tips to get started. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on that topic so I thought I would try to answer some this way: [youtube=] So… Read More

Races: So many stories out there!

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As I went for a run on Sunday morning with the lovely and talented Tania Frechette , we ran into and along the Army Run course. It was nice to see so many people out there challenging themselves and enjoying… Read More